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Graffiti Removal


The City of Glendora uses in-house forces to perform graffiti removal 7 days a week (except Holidays). We understand just how unsightly and unpleasant graffiti is to our residents and therefore will try to respond to your service request within 24 hours.PLEASE CALL OUR GRAFFITI HOTLINE AT 963-8540 TO REPORT ANY TAGGED AREAS. Be sure to give the location address, closest cross street, and your name and phone number in the graffiti hotline message.

If the graffiti takes place on your private property, we do require that you fill out the OWNER DECLARATION OF AUTHORITY AND WAIVER OF RIGHTS form prior to actual removal activity. Our crew carries these forms with them for your convenience.


  Graffiti Removal

Please Note: We can only remove graffiti from private property when it can be safely and readily accessed by our crews and equipment.  If we cannot remove it because of this, we will ask the property owner to arrange for the removal.

If you would like to help us remove graffiti in your area, please contact us to find out how:

Tim Orban, Street Supervisor - 626-852-4817 or email: