Capital Projects

Capital Improvement Projects Summary 
Completed Capital Projects

lead abatement  

Lead Abatement, Asbestos Abatement and Demolition of Structures at 350 W. Route 66

The project involved the abatement of lead and asbestos hazards in two existing structures at 350 W. Route 66 and the removal of existing utility poles on the site. The project also involved the complete demolition of the two existing structures and basement including the hauling and proper disposal of all materials. The contractor for the project was Cardinal Environmental Consultants, Inc., dba 5M Contracting of Tustin. The completion date for the project was January 12, 2011.
Base Line Road & Foothill Boulevard Beautification Project

The project involved the installation of cobblestone, brick and concrete as aesthetic improvements to the median located on the north side of Base Line Road between Fuchsia Avenue and Farber Avenue. The project consisted of a second location located on the north side of Foothill Boulevard between Country Club Road and Oakhart Drive encompassing the installation of cobblestone only to match existing surrounding landscape. The contractor for the project was America West Landscape, Inc. of Chino. The completion date for the project was January 14, 2011. 
 water yard  
 Arthur E. Cook, Jr. Water Production Facility

Interior building finish was awarded to Grady Construction of Glendora who has completed the drywall, paint, suspended ceilings, cabinets and countertops. HVAC installed and the Contractor will energize the units after Edison provides power. Fire Sprinkler System installed and is pending Fire Department approval for tie-in to Fire Service. Electrical portion is complete. Staff is coordinating with Edison and the Contractor to sub-feed the existing building. Fire Service was approved by the Fire Department and is pending tie-in to Fire Sprinkler System.

Well 14 (Replacement of Well 2)

The well project is complete with a projected drawdown of 350 gpm. Site restoration is in progress (Willow Springs Park).  Staff is finalizing the design of the transmission pipeline to connect the new well to the transmission main in Loraine Avenue.

 foothill   Foothill Boulevard Water Improvements 

Revisions were made by our design consultant and approved allowing the Contractor to bore under SCRRA/Metrolink right-of-way an additional 90 LF.  The Contractor passed all water quality testing.  All tie-ins were completed at night due to the volume daytime traffic on Foothill. 


Grand Avenue Water Improvements

Project awarded on December 14, 2010 to Stephen Doreck Equipment Rentals, Inc. of Pico Rivera.  Construction started on January 24, 2011 and is now complete. 

 hunters trl   Hunter’s Trail Cathodic Protection 

Mike Bubalo Construction of Balwin Park completed the Cathodic Protection system which involved replacing anodes and reference stations at 75 locations. 

 grinder   Grinder Overlay Project (Various Locations)

256,000 square feet of street grinding with over 3,600 tons of new asphalt concrete placement. 1. Walnut and Lemon Avenue - Glenwood Avenue to Elwood Avenue.  2. Petunia Avenue - Lone Hill Avenue to Inverness Avenue.  3. Lope Lane - Deserta Drive to Remunda Drive (including cul-de-sac streets on the west side).  4. Ada Avenue - Loraine Avenue to east cul-de-sac (including cul-de-sac streets on the north side. Project was completed in June 2010. Funding Source was Traffic Congestion Program. 


Completed Capital Projects for 2009/2010 Fiscal Year

City Clerk file  

City Clerk Storage Room Shelving Project

The project was completed in August 2010 for a cost of $33,156 and was funded from the Capital Improvement Projects Fund.



 Gladstone Street Crosswalk Project   Gladstone Street Lighted Crosswalk Project

Project Completed prior to the 2010/11 School Year.  The project cost totaled $81,810 and was funded by Caltrans Highway Safety Improvement Program Funds. 

 Big Tree Park   Big Tree Park Renovation Project

This project was completed in November, 2010 at a cost of almost $35,000 from the Parks Fund.