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Library Friends Foundation

Who We Are

The Glendora Public Library Friends Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization which partners with the City of Glendora to provide financial and volunteer support to enhance the services of the Glendora Public Library. The Friends Foundation is able to acknowledge contributions by providing donors with a receipt for income tax purposes. 

What We Support

To ensure that Glendora 's library of the future can continue to meet the community's needs, the Friends Foundation partners with the city by providing volunteer and financial support to enhance library services beyond the capabilities of local tax revenues.

Together our mission is to enrich the community by connecting people to the world of information and imagination - to touch their lives and their souls. This is the heritage of the Glendora community and the commitment of the Friends Foundation.

Be a part of Glendora 's library of the future and leave a rich legacy for future generations by financially supporting the Friends Foundation's efforts to fund these library services:

  • Information Technology
  • Community Education
  • Youth Reading Services

Information Technology

Acting as a partner in technology with the Glendora Public Library, the Friends Foundation helps the library provide a unique place where people can use technology to access the information they need - where and when they need it. Library computer workstations provide the community free access to the Internet, online databases, and multimedia resources. Word processing, desktop publishing and educational programs are just a few of the computer applications used by the more than 1,000 people who visit the library each day.

Providing the latest computer resources is an ambitious task supported by the fundraising efforts of the Friends Foundation. You can join the Friends Foundation in preparing the community for the next millennium by supporting these services:

  • Children's TumbleBooks
  • Glendora Library's Electronic Resources
  • Public Internet Computers

Community Education

Throughout the year, the Friends Foundation supports library staff and volunteers in taking library services beyond our four walls into the Glendora community. From parent education and intergenerational programs, to bringing books to the homebound and teaching adults how to read, libraries change people's lives.

As a community, our challenge is to maintain these services for future generations of library users. You can help us meet this challenge and make a difference in the lives of your friends, neighbors and family members by supporting the Friends Foundation's efforts to fund these services:

  • Glendora READS! Adult Literacy Program
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Cultural Events and Special Programming
  • Community-Based Demonstrations and Workshops
  • Homebound Delivery Service
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Adults -- ADD

Youth Reading Services

While children may be 20% of our population they are 100% of our future. By exposing young children to books and reading, the library plays a critical role in developing their literacy skills and engaging them in positive community activities, both of which are important to their success in school and in life. Storytimes, reading incentives, parenting resources and special programming are a few examples of what we are doing to prepare children and their families for a lifetime of learning.

You can play an important role in ensuring quality children's programs for future generations of library users by providing your financial support to the Friends Foundation in funding these library services:

  • Summer Reading Program
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Youth
  • Story times for Pre-Schoolers
  • Reading Programs for School Age Children
  • Parent Resources and Programs

Executive Board Members

Friends Board VP

John Lundstrom

 Friends Foundation

Roger Gutierrez

John Lundstrom
Vice President

Soly Asmar

Thom Hill

Friends Board Secretary



Thom Hill

Keith Hilliard
Vice President of
Fund Development 




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