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eTRAKiT Online Permitting System


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Access scanned permits through the eTRAKIT online link below.


What services are available through the eTRAKiT system? 

  • Permits
    • Permit searches
    • Acquire permits online (see Acquiring Permits Online below)
    • Inspection scheduling and results
    • Plan review status
  • Project searches
  • Property searches
  • Reporting and tracking citizen issues

 Acquiring Permits Online 

Who can acquire online permits?

  • Licensed contractors registered with Building Division.

Permit types available online:

  • Dishwasher replacement
  • Electrical service panel upgrade (not more than 200 amps)
  • Tank water heater replacement (not more than 50 gal)

Online permit requirements

  • Dishwasher
    • Online permit available for replacing dishwasher in existing location.
    • Air-gap is required per California Plumbing Code.
  • Elect panel
    • Online permit available for electrical service panel upgrade (not more than 200 amps).
    • Contact Southern California Edison (SCE) at 800-655-4555 for meter spot.  Important: service planner to approve meter location.
    • Acquire inspection and approval from City of Glendora Building Division before concealing any work.
    • Once installation is approved, Building Division will send release to SCE.
  • Tank water heater
    • Online permit available for replacing tank type water heater (not more than 50 gal.) in existing location.
    • See water heater checklist . Note that a thermal expansion tank is required.

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