BID Strategic Plan


The Business Improvement District (BID) adopted its first Strategic Plan in 2013, at that time four three-year goals were adopted. The 2013-2016 Strategic Plan includes the BID’s Mission Statement, four three-year goals, the BID’s Strengths and Accomplishments and strategic objectives for each of those goals.


The Glendora Village Business Improvement District’s mission is to promote and market

 the Glendora Village as a vital, safe, unique place for services, shopping, dining

 and cultural experiences and to heighten awareness of the Glendora Village as a destination

 resulting in a more vibrant Village and more profitable businesses.



2013 - 2016* not in priority order

        • Increase foot traffic in Glendora Village
        • Create a sustainable Marketing Program for the Village that benefits all businesses
        • Increase personnel and financial resources
        • Expand the positive perception of the Village inside and outside Glendora

These goals will be revisited by the Business Improvement District every six months
to see if they need to be updated.



as brainstormed through the January 8, 2014 Strategic Planning Retreat.  

  • Voted 2012 and 2013 “Best Downtown in the San Gabriel Valley” by the readers of the SGV News Group readers
  • The Village is safe
  • The Village is more festive
  • The ficus trees in the Village are gorgeous and are well known
  • Customers like the overall look of the Village, its cohesiveness
  • Customers like the activity in the Village; people are becoming regular visitors
  • Customer surveys suggest a positive reaction to all the events by attendees.
  • Surveys that were done of people attending the events showed that the Village is a strong draw, not only for Glendora residents, but for people from the East San Gabriel Valley.
    With regard to increasing foot traffic:
  • Increased (foot) traffic
  • Improved nightlife
  • There’s (recorded) music playing
  • Increased public exposure
  • Greatly increased visibility for businesses
  • We have a presence on Facebook
  • We have a blog
  • Great TV exposure in general
  • More local media coverage
  • Good newspaper publicity for events
  • Working on the branding of the Village
  • Joint marketing with the Chamber
    With regard to events:
  • Stronger events
  • Successful events
  • Increased number of attendees at events
  • As a non-retailer, the events offer a great opportunity for exposure
  • Had a farmers market
  • More live music
  • Taste of the Village made a profit for the first time
  • The Halloween Walk was the most successful one yet; the Village was decorated the best it’s ever been; several photo venues with photographers there to take photos (parents had a choice to post/not post children’s photos on the website)
  • We had a live performance at the Halloween Walk by a salon in the Village; Channel 7 was there
  • Halloween festivities were a great kick-off for our holiday events – Holiday Stroll, Santa in the Village, Small Business Saturday
  • Holiday Stroll was very well attended; approximately 5000-6000
  • We’re using our own Village members to provide services for events, rather than hiring outside
  • Santa in the Village: we had horse-drawn carriages, carolers, participation by the two music studios
  • Wine Walk is coming up
  • People gave Wine Walk tickets as holiday gifts
  • Many opportunities to talk about upcoming events with customers
  • We use counter flyers in addition to posters to promote events; this gives us a good way to engage with customers
  • Need to hire more employees during events; stimulating all of our basic economy
  • Started surveying event attendees
    Internal Accomplishments:
  • New businesses have opened
  • We're staying on budget
  • More effective communication
  • More business involvement / participation (e.g. at events, meetings)
  • Working on an updated directory
  • Diversity (e.g. of events, of attendees at events)
  • Great resources for new businesses
  • Non-existent vacancies on the bottom floor of buildings
  • More transparency of the BID
  • Working on website development
    External Relationships:
  • Great relationship with the City
  • Great relationship with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Strengthened relationships with other Glendora businesses
  • City staff is doing great job communicating on behalf of the City with Village businesses; the City suggests some very helpful ideas to merchants
  • We put out planters
  • Supported the school district through the Glendora Education Foundation