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Karen Davis - 2011 - web
Karen K. Davis, Mayor

Welcome to Glendora--the Pride of the Foothills…

Welcome to the City of Glendora, affectionately known as the “Pride of the Foothills.” We are proud that our community of nearly 55,000, nestled against the San Gabriel Mountains, is a great place to live, work and play.

The predominately residential community boasts of turn of the century craftsman and California bungalow homes in our historic district, exclusive estates in the foothills, and a wide array of family neighborhoods with an expanse from Arrow Highway to the hills. Living in Glendora is highlighted by our quality education—both public and private. The test scores for Glendora Unified School District and Charter Oak School District are exemplary, and both districts offer a great assortment of educational and extracurricular opportunities. Citrus Community College, located in Glendora, provides students of all ages an exceptional post-high school learning environment. Glendora also enjoys a very low crime rate and excellent protection and service by the Glendora Police Department, making life in Glendora relatively peaceful and safe.

The community is complimented by a wide array of shopping opportunities, including nationally known chains to unique boutiques and family-owned and operated businesses, which makes Glendora not only a great place to shop, but a great place to work, as well.

And, Glendora provides its residents with opportunities for recreation on more than 30 wilderness trails and at our 15 parks, including the newly renovated Louie Pompei Memorial Sports Park. Teens and families can find fun, education and exercise at the Timothy Daniel Crowther Teen and Family Center, while our seniors enjoy great programs daily at the La Fetra Senior Center. From seniors to toddlers, many enrichment, educational, entertaining and enjoyable activities are offered year-round by our Community Services Department and our Glendora Library, making Glendora a great place to play and learn.

The community spirit in Glendora provides a nurturing environment for all ages, and a wonderful place to call home.

Karen K. Davis