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Mayor's Welcome


Judy Nelson
Judy M. Nelson

Welcome to the City of Glendora!  If you are new to our City, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Pride of the Foothills.

Once an agricultural center, Glendora still has the remnants of citrus and avocado groves.  Our 50’s style streets are dotted with Elizabethan houses, beautiful craftsmen, and farm cottages next door to modern estates.  For the past three years, Glendora has received the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Downtown.  Our charming village has stores and restaurants for every shopper.  The sidewalk cafes and coffee shops invite the community to relax and linger.

We are proud of our award winning school systems and of the extensive support provided by parents and other residents. Citrus Community College offers an enriching academic environment for students seeking higher education.  Citrus College’s Haugh Performing Arts Center is renowned for world-class music and theatre.

Our numerous service clubs actively contribute to many aspects of life in Glendora.  Our citizens are noted for their civic pride and volunteerism.  Glendora has many beautiful parks and hiking trails.  There is something for every outdoor enthusiast and weekends are filled with myriad sporting activities.  We have a vibrant faith community which contributes to spiritual health, provides cultural enrichment by supporting the arts, and readily gives assistance to the needy.

Great care has gone into preserving our hometown USA character while we also embrace 21st century innovation.  Whether you are looking for a place to build your business, a small town in which to raise a family, or perhaps just a place to enjoy the beautiful environment of our foothills community, there is a place for you in Glendora.

We welcome you!

Judy M. Nelson, Mayor